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Favorite Breakfast Foods

April 25, 2018

French toast and fruit breakfast

Breakfast... the most important meal of the day right?  I used to eat breakfast every morning, but then read so many things about how intermittent fasting is good for us, and how skipping breakfast makes you burn fat all the way through to lunch. I have mixed feelings on this now as I tried it for months and months, and it certainly didn't burn more fat for me.  In fact it seemed to have the opposite effect!  But my husband, Joe, can eat hardly anything during the morning and afternoon and then feast at night and somehow this works for him.  We all have different things that work for us as every BODY is so different. 

My typical go-to lately is a vegan protein shake with spinach and berries.  Having a smoothie for breakfast is a great way to get in some easy greens and protein if you incorporate protein powders and a handful of spinach.  And I can honestly say - I never taste the spinach!  So no matter when I have a shake, even if it's a chocolate and banana shake to get my chocolate fix at night - I always add a handful of spinach.  Whatever I can do to get those greens in!

How about pancakes?  Or french toast?  MMMM!  Definitely some of my favorite breakfast foods, although I don't eat them much anymore.  They are like vacation food now - special occasions only, like when I'm in Miami and find an outdoor restaurant to brunch before the beach.  Although I suppose in that case, I would probably go for Eggs Benedict.  Oh but the ham!  I try to eat vegetarian and vegan as much as possible.  I have been back and forth on that for years, truly wanting to be vegan because of my love for animals and the environment, but also trying to balance my health and certain health issues I may be going through.  I recently found out that pigs cry real tears, and my that made an impression.  Even Joe does not want to eat pork anymore.  

So breakfast foods have changed for me over the years, whether I'm trying to eat low carb, or vegan, or no sugar, or whatever the diet is at that time - at least it helps me to try new things.  At one point we owned chickens, and how sweet those chickies were.  It seemed like they all had a crush on Joe.  They would coo and woo and tilt their heads up to look at Joe with one eye.  They all had personalities and watching them run was the best, seeing their little legs going fast in a circle.  They would come running when we brought fresh food out to them.  They loved roaming on the grass and finding bugs to eat, but their favorite was when we would chop up fruits and vegetables for them, especially corn.  We loved our daily fresh eggs, and taking care of those chickens was pretty amazing.  It was a real eye opener to see how unique each of them were.  

What are your favorite breakfast foods my fellow Moxiboders?  And perhaps it's a meal you don't even eat at breakfast, but incorporates breakfast foods.  Sweet potatoes anyone?  Avacado toast?  Oatmeal and fruit?  List your favorites in the comments below, maybe we can all learn some new food ideas to eat from YOU!


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