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To bun, or not to bun

May 22, 2018

To bun, or not to bun

To bun, or not to bun - that is the question.  Is it really?  I would have to say yes, because the bun is either your friend or your foe.  You see, depending on the activity you are doing, the way you tie up your hair up can really help you or be a total pain and distraction. 

For example, the bun is my friend when I do yoga, it's the perfect way to get my hair tied up and out of my face.  But is it my friend when I do a headstand?  No!  Then it's in the way, has to get pushed around and messed up to get that top part of my head flat to the ground to do my headstand, and then once I sit back up I look like I went through the blender or something, disaster swirls all over my hair.  Going to yoga = maybe bun.

How about for running?  Is a bun friend or foe?  FOE!  Seriously, have you ever tried to run with a bun?  It bounces around slowly falling out with each step you take, until eventually it has pulled your hair slicked back in the front and is a glob at the back of your neck, making you stop and re-do it in the middle of your run.  It's a nice idea, thinking you will have a cool run with your hair off the back of your neck, but don't let it fool you!  Going for a run = no bun.

Ok, bun try again... what about for hiking?  This one seems to work ok, especially if you can get the bun on the top of your head and then use a visor to keep your face covered from the sun, with your bun poking out the top.  When I hike I'm usually going slow enough that there isn't too much bouncing (like running) so the bun stays in place and doesn't fall out.  It's nice to have the hair off your face and neck and this actually helps you enjoy your hike even more, especially on hot days.  Going for a hike = bun and done.

Ok fellow Moxiboders, what bun or no bun advice do you have?  Is the bun YOUR friend or foe? 




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