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Your next adventure

June 21, 2018

Your next adventure

We all love a good adventure!  And what makes traveling better than with a buddy?  I always wanted to backpack through Europe, but years ago when I wanted to go (sometime in my 20's), I couldn't find a friend who was able to go with me.  And to be honest, I really didn't even know how to financially support this idea of mine to just head on over to Europe with everything I needed for 6 months on my back and travel through the different countries.  I never did end up making this trip.  But oh how I loved the idea :)

For now, my favorite trip that I have gone on was to New Zealand.  At the time I worked for a company who placed physicians in locum tenens assignments, and all of my clients were the hospitals in New Zealand, the DHB's.  I was able to go to the North Island and the South Island, visiting each one of my clients.  We drove through the beautiful country, passing the many sheep farms and open green fields to meet with each DHB.  We also took several in country flights on tiny planes from one place to the next.  It was an adventure for sure.  And then my husband, Joe, came out for a week and we got to spend it on Waihi Beach going on hike after hike and enjoying beaches where we would not see even one other person.

I also had the opportunity to go with some friends to Ibiza, Spain and stay in a villa for a couple weeks.  Amazing beaches there too, and for any of you who like to dance and enjoy some good club music, it was an experience for sure.  I went to a trade show in Germany and got to enjoy Nuremberg and also a small town outside of that where we stayed, beautiful country and I loved looking at the architecture and cathedrals. 

Other than that, I have enjoyed the British Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.  As much as I have enjoyed traveling outside of the USA, there is so much here in the States that I still want to see.  Joe and I have a bucket list that we add to and hope to be on the road someday, driving a camper across the USA stopping at destinations along the way.

Fellow Moxiboders, where are your favorite places to travel?  Any recommendations of must-take adventures?  Tell us in the comments below!      



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